Friday, October 17, 2014

It's Fashion Week in Rochester, New York

Fashion Week Rochester - 5 year anniversary.
To raise awareness and dollars to provide safe and stable housing for homeless youth at 
The Center for Youth.

Tonight there were two things going on at the Merkel Donohue building in the city.
At 6:30 there was an art opening and we were invited to go in with our friend, Bill Stewart, who was in the show.

We left the farm at 6 
 and were downtown by 6:30.

 Soon, this building is going to be turned into apartments....but for now, it has been converted into a gallery and fashion venue

 I felt like I was in a warehouse in New York City.
 There were several models in the gallery section...

 along with the work of many familiar (and very successful) artists.

 The piece below is by Albert Paley, who is standing to the right.  He is one of the most prominent sculptors in the world and when I first came to Brockport he taught at the college.
 Bill had two pieces there....very funky.
 We have a large collection of his work here at the farm.
He, Bonnie and I arrived in Brockport back in 1966 and we have been friends ever since.  Bill taught in the college art department and I taught art at the Campus School.  Gary frequently assists him in transporting his work and setting up shows.  Good pals.
 There's Albert again, with his studio manager.
 Wendell Castle had a very contemporary chair on display.  He also taught at SUNY Brockport and went on to become the top sculptural furniture designer in the world!

 Christine Knoblauch, the woman in the center below, is a welder.
 This gate is an example of her work.  She and another woman put together this event....amazing!

 Below are two paintings by Robert Marx.  He also taught at the college back in the day.  When he sold his farm, we bought our little half-arab pony from him.

 That is Wendell Castle on the left.
 Gary and Bill were having a non-stop conversation.

 This is Jeff Jubenville.  He was one of my first art students when I taught at the Campus School, and has worked in Albert Paley's studio for the past 28 years. 
 Rick Muto is a muralist and gallery owner.  We are working on a grant and hope to have one of his murals in Sagawa Park

The fashion show started at 8pm.
 The music was blasting and all the models strutted to the beat.
 It all started with these three.


 The entire show could be seen on big screens.
 We pooped out before it was over....
 and had a late dinner at Jines.  Thanks for treating, Bill.
Home at 10:30.  What a fun experience.
Night all.


Two French Bulldogs said...

What a blast! I wanna be a model when I grow up
Lily (& Edward)

Dee said...

Dear Lori, what a treat to see all this creativity in one enormous room. Two of the paintings were ones that I'd like to own! I'm not sure of the medium used--but I think both were oils. Thanks for sharing this exciting evening but I can see why you would poop out! Too much stimuli. Peace.