Monday, January 13, 2020

The Second Monday

A grey day.
 I guess it's better than snow and torrential downpours.

 Naturally, Phoebe went back in the house and Little Wonder assisted me.

 After chores I started on tonight's dinner .....  a cauliflower casserole.
 I also made a carrot/apple/craisin/candied walnut salad to take
down to the Senior Association pot luck lunch at the Community Center. 
As per usual, there were all kinds of interesting options.

The woman on the right, Elsie F. , is 97 years old and she
made us one of her carrot cakes from scratch!
And believe me, it's one of the best ever.
 These monthly pot lucks give seniors a great opportunity to 
socialize and have a delicious meal.
 At 1 we had our meeting and I did not get back to the farm until 3.
Then it was time to finish making my casserole.
 The cheese sauce was especially good this time.
 Served it with leftover salads from the pot luck.

 Queen Phoebe 
and Little Wonder always find their usual spots....
and keep me company while I post this.
Now, it's all about PJs and getting out by the fire.

Night all.


  1. I could have used a nice fire the other day! I sat in front of the heater instead.
    We just had a warming up now sleet and fog and drizzle and then cold.
    This up and down weather cannot be good for the animals nor for humans!

  2. Our days here are so variable, cool mornings, then very hot in the afternoon. The other day I wore thick winter pants all day!!! What a great gathering for the meal, and the carrot cake, I hope Elsie shares her recipe, that looks scrumptious.


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