Friday, December 10, 2021

Mexican Train....

We got into the low 40s today and all the snow melted.  Now they are saying that we could be headed for the high 60s tomorrow and by late afternoon the wind is going to be crazy.  Great.

Time to soak some wood pellets before putting them in Rebel's stall....he is going to love his bed tonight.

As you can see, these ponies are good at finding mud to roll in.

At 2 we went down to Brenda and Al's to play Mexican Train....while snacking on all kinds of goodies.

That is a first for us, and I must say it was very nice to take this kind of a break in the afternoon instead of at night.  Old age I presume.
Here are 3 birds Al carved....
and this is a painting of Wallace, that Brenda just sold to a friend of ours who took the photo.  Two very talented artists.
Needless to say, we did not need a serious dinner.  Just had a sloppy Joe sandwich.
Time to get out by the fire, then we hope to watch Cooper's basketball game on this computer.  Brockport is playing Canandaigua tonight.

Night all.



Nancy J said...

Little Wonder, I doubt if you will keep those eyes open long enough to see the game!!! Hugh gives a friend all the clean wood shavings from his woodwork projects, for her horse stall, she says " It's like sleeping on the finest linen sheets " Go Rebel, enjoy the luxury.

Val Ewing said...

Nice! Muddy equine are a thing. Mine rolled and rolled after the first sleet came in. The spent yesterday napping in the sun before the storm came, though.
Muddy muddy mules!

Waiting for daylight to take them some nice dry hay !

Anonymous said...

I'm a regular reader and I'm very concerned that there have been no posts since December 11. I know the website owner prides herself on posting every day! I hope everything is all right.