Friday, December 24, 2021

Christmas Eve....

Morning chores as usual.....

We cleaned up the driveway and then worked on the downstairs and started preparing for dinner.

Candied walnuts....

cheese, apples and crackers....
Carol and Topper arrived at 6 and brought brie and a delicious topping.
Dinner included ham and scalloped potatoes (made by Scott)....Korv...
Limpa Rye Bread.
Swedish meatballs.
Carol made a spectacular salad with fruit in it.
Rice pudding.
and pickled beets.
The table was so crowded we served dinner buffet style.
A toast!
and Coop were totally in on the conversation.  They sure have grown up.
Jenny made a decadent cheesecake for dessert and we spent a couple hours talking about everything under the sun.  So nice to be together.

The entire downstairs was filled with Twinkie lights.

Part of our discussion tonight involved the question...."what is your purpose?"  I'm going to have to write about that sometime.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
Night all.


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Nancy J said...

How wonderful to have family together, and what a poser for the question? The secret sewing for our daughters has arrived, a handmade quilted bag for each, very different, guess I can put some photos on my next post. Enjoy that yummy meal, we had leftovers for this evening, wonderful friends hosted lunch as well.Greetings to you all.