Friday, December 3, 2021


This was a foodie day.  Company coming for lunch tomorrow so I got a head start.

After chores I started making antipasto in a big bowl.

Diced green pepper, banana pepper rings, roasted red peppers, chi chi beans, black olives, pepperoncini, diced extra sharp cheddar cheese, diced Genoa salami, cherry tomatoes, onion and mozzarella balls.
Topped and tossed with salt, fresh ground pepper and a good Italian dressing.

Next on the agenda, Lasagna Alfredo Soup.

Italian sausage, onions and mushrooms....
chicken stock
broken up lasagna noodles....
butter, flour, milk and Romano cheese....
all combined.
All set for tomorrow.
Got the dining room table ready.....
then Little Wonder and I took a break by the fire.  There was good light coming in the south window.

Time for dinner and more food prep.  Antipasto Power Bowls.

Night all.


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Nancy J said...

Looks utterly delicious. Hope your weather stays fine and the roads are all clear.XXX