The Waiting Room...


Tuesday, December 28, 2021


The sun was out for a short time and the rest of the day was grey and in the high 30s.

This time the blossom of the week was red.

Little Wonder and Seymour took a long nap together....

then he went with me down to Tractor Supply for some grain and bedding.

Gary went to Brockport to watch Cooper's basketball game.  I had a salad and
watched it on my computer.  Coop got some time on the boards, but they lost.
It's a good thing I like spending time at home, 'cause this Covid crap has taken away so much activity for all of us.  Hope you are all hanging in there.
Night all.


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Val Ewing said...

It has been two weeks since I went to town. I've gone hiking and drove to the VA for meds, but not to the stores.

Tomorrow I have to go and we are being careful. Our rules for visits are vaccination, booster, and rapid test.
I get that we will eventually be exposed however I'd like it NOT to an issue for my husband since he is frail and may need medical intervention. Hospitals are closing Urgent Care to take the staff to the ER's. If you have a problem that would have been urgent, you call for an appt now and wait for days.

Stay well!