Sunday, September 15, 2013

Skywatching ala Skoog Farm

 You had to be there this morning....the sky changed every couple of minutes.

 I finished mowing the lane after chores, then had the arenas rototilled by Gordy.  See all that green stuff?  It kicks in when there is standing water from lots of rain.

 Both look a lot better now.  Ready for some action when Karen's horses arrive from Florida.
 Attempted to read for awhile this afternoon.  It turned grey and cooled down a little.

Our neighbor, Annette, came over and helped me get the solar fencer hooked up and grounded.  She knew what she was doing and when it was tested....zap!!!! The tester said it was working.

Made a salad...I know Saint Tim would love this one.  Romaine, onion, red pepper, nectarine, banana and plums (from our tree).  He's probably drooling just thinking about it.
 Tucked the girls in....

 and came in for dinner.  I managed to salvage the too salty leek and potato soup that was made the other day.  NOW, it tastes great.
Night all.


Stephen Andrew said...

It's funny how salinity seems to go down as soups sit, isn't it? Wow it really is looking like fall there! And those skies...breathtaking.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I love that you "Tuck" your girls in:) Hug B