Wednesday, September 18, 2013

27 Hours in a Horse Trailer is a Long Time

On the morning of the 16th two horses were loaded onto a trailer in western Florida and started their journey north.  They were moving to our farm to start a new life with their owner, Karen.  As soon as they were on their way, Karen flew up to Rochester and I picked her up at the airport.
 The moon was lighting up the sky when I got home around midnight.

 As soon as Karen got to Jenny's she was called by the woman trucking the horses.  Angel, a 9yo thoroughbred, was down in the trailer and it looked like colic.  She called a vet in the Raleigh Durham area and was met at a rest stop, where he checked and tubed her.  They spent the rest of the night there and were back on the road at 7.  Angel was sedated and was doing fairly well.

Meanwhile back at the ranch we were doing chores....very worried.

 I picked tomatoes before my class met so Helen and I could start a batch of sauce for her to take back to her sister's.

 Karen came up to get things ready for her horses, not knowing if Angel would make it.

Class was a distraction.

 Gary took Helen down to a volunteer recognition luncheon in my place, and had a chance to see the Dady Brothers and listen to their Irish Music.

 A little after 2, friends arrived....we have not seen them for 11 years.  Had some snacks and Apple Betty, along with a lot of laughs over the things we used to do some 45 years ago!

 Mike and Sheilah had just returned from a trip to Russia and had many stories.

 In the meantime, Angel went down two more times in the trailer.  Helen (who does Reike) and many of us were sending positive energy her way, hoping that she would make it.

 Evening chores as usual.  By now Angel was quiet in the trailer.

 Another late and simple dinner...had too many snacks during the afternoon.  Grilled veggie burgers with cheese and grilled onions....a side of coleslaw.
 Finally, at 9:30 the horses arrived.  What an ordeal.  First they were put in their stalls, and then taken out to the indoor.  By then the banamine had worn off and all Angel wanted was to go down.
 Maggie waited in her stall....
 next to two grumpies.

 By 11:30pm the vet was here with an intern and a 4th year vet student from Cornell.  They stayed until three and went through the whole process....banamine, tubing, ultra sound, a rectal exam and anything else you could think of.  At 2 in the morning she was getting four gigantic bags of fluids and was holding her own.  Karen stayed all night in the barn and I did not get to sleep until 4.
 Such a thrill to be back out there by 7:30 after getting 2 hours and 45 minutes of sleep.
 Chores...Karen still with the horses...Angel doing better.

Gary, Helen and I went to chorus.

 By the time we got home I could hardly keep my eyes open.
 The vet came back to check on the progress made and things looked pretty good.  Now, to get her back to eating properly without making any mistakes along the way.

 I managed to pick a basket of apples and we were going to make 2 more apple bettys.  Just as I was lowering the tray into the oven, I spilled it all over the place.  My jeans and crocs were covered with the topping and everything was a mess.  Fortunately we salvaged one so Helen could take it home with her.
 Around the same time, Helen made one of her Nanny Poly's pastys.
 It was filled with currents.  (She took these photos while I was out of the house).

 Around 4 I found out that we were actually having company for dinner and made myself put together eggplant parm.

 Helen cleaned up the kitchen and I took a nap.
 The sun rays coming in from the west were so strong!
 During evening chores, it was still shining and the moon was out.
 Angel was able to be hand grazed for 10 minutes every two hours (and was starving).  Tomorrow she will be able to have more to eat. 
 Maggie has been doing very well the whole time.
 Thanks to all of you who were concerned about these two girls.

 Dinner was delish.

 Helen's son Alex and her sister Andrea....joined us.
 Boy, did it feel good to sit down.
Now I can hardly see straight and am going to bed.
Night all.

Let's hope Angel is even better in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Glad Angel is doing better - fingers crossed for a full recovery.

Karen said...

This is quite the tale, Lori. So many twists and turns. Scrumptious feast of a meal!

I'm glad that Angel will is doing better.

How you stayed awake through all of this, I'll never know.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Angel will be ok. Long distance travelling is a nightmare. I watched my guys like a hawk when they finally got here.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh my gosh I am so happy this worked out well poor Angel poor Karen. Oh this had to be so tough waiting on the other end of a phone. I am so glad it worked out that is a very long time in a trailer. Hug B

Val Ewing said...

Colic is a tough thing. Please keep us updated!
I know when my old mare had foal colic we spent the night with her and held IV's in the pasture all night with the vet.

I'm giving good thoughts to you for your Angel!

Unknown said...

I couldn't have managed everything that night without your help Lori!! Thank you for everything! I greatly appreciate you being my "rock" and all the advice from your amazing network of friends.

Unknown said...

Thank you Lori for all the help!! Your patience was greatly appreciated in such an incredibly stressful time. Thank you to your amazing network of friends for all their good horsey advice!

thecrazysheeplady said...


C-ingspots said...

What a long and exhausting day. I'll just bet you slept well last night! So, so happy to hear that Angel is on the mend!! Colic is so very scary and tragic. Those big, beautiful horses sure look pitiful and helpless when they're fighting for their lives don't they? Thank God for veterinarians and Divine intervention. Oh, and for Angel to be starving, is a very good sign!!
Oh, love the two cranky girls' faces in that one shot - classic!
Oh, and that pasty thing looked amazing. Yum!

Oak Creek Ranch said...

I'm glad that Angel is doing better. I was holding my breath all the way through this post. Get some rest now.

Sharon Creech said...

What a couple of days, Lori! Hope you get some catch-up rest and that Angel continues to improve. xx

Janice Grinyer said...

Yay! So scary for Angel - glad you have vets in the area who go the extra mile!

And Maggie is a beaut - makes me wish i could go big horses again!

But i will stick with my little horse - he's been so much fun to get to know better!

And once again - love love love all the food... i mean food pictures!

And yay for good friends, even if you only see them every 10 years!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lori you take care. May you beable to get some sleep now.

Your horses are beautiful, your photography is fab.

You got to see your friends.

Have a nice quiet weekend for rest for you.

Oh that food. You can sure cook up a storm.

I do not know how you do it all.

Women of steel. To cook as you do.

Standing on your feet alone is tiresome.

Unknown said...

Having colic is never easy. I know humans also do have this condition and it is really very painful. I am so happy that Angel is okay now. I hope you can blog more about how is Angel doing now.