Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Part 1

 Usually when I go out to do morning chores, the girls are coming out of the indoor...this was no exception.

 After they had breakfast, turned them back out and cleaned the stalls with Lorrie.
 Brought Berlin into the grooming room so I could soak her foot and wrap it, as she is still pretty gimpy.  Stomping away the flies I suppose.
 Her left front has a hotspot that should break out at the top.  She dumped the water after a short time,
 and I did the wrap thing. Drawing salve and blah blah know the drill.  Still on bute and will call the farrier tomorrow if there is not a change.

 Due to an abundance of tomatoes, we called in Jenny, Karen and Scott for a serious sauce making session.

 (Buttons, here are some ladders for your husband.)
 Our apple tree is so loaded some of the branches are hitting the ground.  Organic.
 Before the crew left, Gary picked them some flowers (and dill).
 They took home a huge pot of sauce and finished cooking it there.  Jenny kept it from spilling on the way.

These flowers were for Katie.

At 1 some friends stopped up for veggies.  I can't count the number of baskets we have given away.  That's part of the reason we have such a big garden.

After that, we took a little break and got ready to go to a wedding (where I went crazy taking the pictures which you saw in the post above).

This will be my night all, but I still have to do another huge post.  Took over 225 pictures there.

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Oak Creek Ranch said...

You always have such an amazing garden. One of our new neighbors brought us a basket of fruit and veggies from her garden. Such a wonderful welcoming gift. I hope Berlin is better soon.