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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Not Quite as Hot as Europe....

However, we were in the high 80s.
Can't imagine how it felt in France at 114 degrees.

 Gary has been very good about watering the veggies, so they are doing well.
 The pole beans are just about ready to start climbing, the snow peas are ready and
he picked some spinach tonight.  I have been putting strawberries on shredded wheat for
several days.  We are just getting a cup full at a time as they were planted a few weeks ago.

 Not too many butterflies yet....

 A lot of weeds started growing in the outdoor arena so I dragged it today.

 Dinner was of the picnic variety.
White hots on the grill, home fries and a bean salad.

 I had chore duty and it was still pretty hot.
Fortunately for the girls, there are no bugs in the barn.

 One of the dogs from the back forty came up for a visit....
 Phoebe gave him a warning, but that was about it.
Time for a shower.
Night all.

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