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Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Horses Have a Beach....

 A non-stop day.
Karen and I did morning chores and the Vet arrived by 9:15 to give the horses their spring shots.
 They were all very well behaved and she was in and out in less than half an hour.
 While I was in the barn, Gordon arrived to rototill the outdoor and indoor arenas.

 Both feel just like the beach.

 It was a little muggy and buggy so the ponies liked being inside part of the time.

 After Gordon left, I mowed the last patch of the big pasture.
Now everything is done and looking like a golf course.

 At a little after 11 I drove over to Carina's and picked up some of her ham and cheese buns for lunch.
 Check out Little Wonder's coat.  What a disaster....every day.

 Gary spent a lot of time gardening today.
 He did have a few breaks and was able to take a phone call or two.
 We were having a picnic dinner, so I made  pasta salad.

 We also had baked beans
 and grilled white hots.
 I had chore duty.  It looks like we might get some rain.
Never fails if I have the outdoor arena done.

That's it!
Night all.

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  1. As usual you are so busy! Our mules haven't all shed out yet but I am working at it. Would love to have an outdoor arena, but it would be sloped! I was wishing I could mow pastures but the rocks are too intimidating! Everything looks so wonderful! Even LW!


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