Monday, November 9, 2009


Got up about 6:30 this morning...much better when it's not dark.

By the time the pups and I went out to the barn, the sky turned blue.

Can you see the seal in the clouds?

Natural wonders....

It warmed up pretty quickly today...the ponies were not complaining.

For some reason I was in the mood to go for a bike ride...camera and cell phone in my basket.
Before I left, I took this shot of the barn across the street.

Then I proceeded down LaDue Road.

I kept stopping to get pictures of all the barns and outbuildings along the way.

Some were new, some were barely standing.

About a mile and a half down the road is a Christmas Tree farm... extremely well taken care of and all the trees are perfectly shaped.

Back home...

A little macro shot.

After lunch I went down town for a meeting...right there in the village was another barn.

Headed home around 3:30...the detours were not quite as bad today.

Went out to do chores around 5. The temperature was still holding on.

This horse head is on the bottom of our railing going up the stairs to the kitchen. What better place to put it.

Earlier, Arlene called to see if we wanted to go out to Bill Gray's for burgers. They always have coupons in the paper...buy one cheeseburger, get one free. (Then they charge a lot for fries etc.).
Got there at 5:30 and thoroughly enjoyed our junk food.

Their hot sauce has a real kick to it.

Outstanding onion rings.

Many discussions ranging from health care to the differences in the values of our generation and our kid's....

Gary went on to a meeting and I went home to find a mess on the kitchen floor. Gucci chewed up the log book for his plantings and a very old book from the college library. She is in deep tapioca! I will have to pay for the book since that little dog is my charge.

Dancing has started and I am going to tune in. Night all.


  1. there will be peace in the valley and this is it!

  2. Love that barn in the village. I have a painting on my blog that looks a bit like your girl...more feathers in the hair, but just as beautiful.

  3. That's a real bummer about the planting log. Hopefully, some of it was okay. I guess she's just so spoiled that she pouted when she didn't get to go.

  4. The sky looks beautiful and I can see the seal. Loved the pictures of all the barns in your area, it's nice to have had a very scenic ride to town.

  5. beautiful sky photos...love the barns...you should do a calendar with all your beautiful photos...

  6. Cool seal in the clouds! Thanks for your supportive comments on my blog.


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