Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Anything Goes!

Once again, the sunrise was short lived.

 The high today was about 58 degrees, so off came the blankets.

 The new tulips have started to open up...
 I'm going to have to keep buying them, as they
 add so much to the

 We had about an hour to relax before class started.

 Carina made the bread delivery and almost everyone placed their normal orders along
with pizza dough!  We are all out of control!
 I have not purchase bread at Wegmans since August!

 As per usual, Little Wonder gave a lot of lovin' to Shamra.
 LuAnne brought along a program from the show Anything Goes.
 I was a member of the Junior Women's Club and for several years we put on musical productions.
The year was 1974! and I was the production co-chairman, set designer and....a dancer.
 There I am on the left...
 and here I am at a rehearsal TAP DANCING!
How about those bell bottoms!!!!!!!
 What a gas!
 Loved seeing this.

 I did not do anything exciting this afternoon...but managed to make a 
big pot of meatballs and sauce.
 This heatwave is going to get our trees and plants in trouble.
Tomorrow night it will be in the mid 20s with some snow.

 I lost control and made dessert.  Vanilla pudding with bananas and walnuts.

 It was a spaghetti kind of night.
 When I got home from the Town Board meeting I went straight to the frig for this.
Night all.

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Val Ewing said...

The only thing saw indicating spring here was skunk cabbage in a deep gorge while hiking this weekend. I need to walk down to the valley and check things out!
However since hubby had surgery, that probably won't happen until at least this weekend.
We had a nice sunset last night....fog!