Friday, February 24, 2017

Come Rain Or Come Shine

It was pouring when I went out to the barn this morning,
 so I left the girls in their stalls until it stopped.
 By 10:30 they were outside and the sun appeared.
 I cleaned the stalls and shortened Abbe and Berlin's manes.

 The temperature went up to 64 today.

 We spent part of the day inside....

and went out tonight for dinner with Al, Brenda (at their house), Ron and Ann.
We have been meeting for at least 4 or 5 years...shooting for once a month.
When we left the farm, the temperature was down by 25 degrees.

 Another great meal with a side of laughs and great conversation.

 It's late.
Night all.

If you are in the area.....

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Val Ewing said...

We had 67 degrees on the 24th. It was so hot! On the 25th a winter storm swooped in and dropped 4" of ice snow/sleet/rain and hail.