Sunday, February 12, 2017


We woke up to a change in the weather.  Within an hour of being put out, we had freezing rain
and the horse were put back in their stalls for the day.
I left the radio on for entertainment.

 Little Wonder is such a loyal little boy.  He really sticks with me in the barn.

Gary went down to the Rec Center to watch Finn and Coop play basketball at 11:30.

At noon Tom and Nancy stopped at the farm so we could practice harmonies on a couple of songs and by 1 we were down at the Gallery for our Sunday Jam.
While we were there it started to snow and when I got home the horses were put outside while I picked the stalls and set them up for dinner.

Once again, Phoebe disappeared and LW helped me.

 I didn't make dinner.  We had two salads leftover from Sally's special meal last night.
Fine with me.  Salads are my favorite thing.

I need to get out by the fire.  We could have some snow by morning.
Night all.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Thank goodness you ha LW to help with the chores! We had snow all day again.