Saturday, February 18, 2017

57 Degrees!

 The way the morning started, it was a sure bet that we were going to have a beautiful day.

 It was windy, but warm enough for the girls to have a day of nakedness.

Little Wonder loves chewing on sticks.

 There was still some snow on the ground at 8:30.

 By 9:15 I was on my way to Rochester to participate in the Ukefest at
 Bernunzio Uptown Music.

 This time Darryl (from our Sunday jams) was there along with 14 other uke players.
 As we were leaving, this guy was trying out a banjo...

I got back to the farm around noon and could not resist taking pictures of the tulips that I had picked up at Wegmans for our dinner party last night.  Hopefully they will last for awhile.

 We also have one hibiscus blossom in the living room.
It was my turn for chore duty tonight.
 By then 99% of the snow had melted and the temperature in the barn was 50 degrees.

 All four horses were FILTHY!

 Tucked them in....

 right when the sun was starting to set.
Hopefully the mud will be dry enough to give them a good grooming in the morning.

 Dinner was an instant replay.
Night all.

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Jo said...

Hi Lori it's been an age since I visited (due to Internet issues!) I loved wandering through your farm again today. Little Wonder is so precious as are the other furry babies as well. Your replay dinner looked yummy. Have a great week. Jo