Monday, February 20, 2017

Anything Can Happen...

 Below 30 degrees this morning...the barn was 42.  The girls needed to have their blankets back on.

 I had grand intentions...going to Agape.  That didn't happen!  I started working on a report from our last water meeting that took so long it just didn't matter anymore.
Then, I got down my guitar to see if I could still play it.  My hands are in better shape after playing the uke for a year, but it sure was a different ball game.  I suppose I could pick it up again, but the uke has me very spoiled.
 Little Wonder loves to hang out on our bed when the sun is bright...anytime before noon.

 How about those tulips?  They are still doing well and the color is dazzling.

 I attempted to work with Little Wonder this afternoon, but sure could not get him to respond the way he did with Barb.  He is good about sitting and touching my hand but does not get the down part.  Phoebe, on the other hand, will do anything I ask of her.

 Jenny brought Niki (Kevin's niece) up to the farm this afternoon.  She is visiting her Nana, who will going back to Atlanta with her.  They wanted to visit the horses.

 Such a sweet and beautiful girl!


 Gary was in a pruning mood and really attacked our plum tree.

 We had a fire going much of the day.
 Dinner....sloppy Joes, corn and coleslaw.  More comfort food.

Just after sunset, all hell broke loose.  About 7 Sheriff cars stopped right next to our house and started going down the lane toward the new house out back.  Then, the ambulance (or two) and a truck and trailer which held a little ATV with a huge rectangular light mounted on it.  Of course I had to find out what the heck was going on.
It sounds like a man was way out back hunting coyotes and shot himself by accident?
All I know, is that when the sheriff arrived it was pitch black outside.  Apparently he must have
called 911.  They finally found him and I do not know what condition he is in.  Will have to watch the news tonight.

Over and out!


Oak Creek Ranch said...

You sure had excitement in your neck of the woods!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope the guy is alright and hope he didn't get any coyotes. Ginger will sit, stay and go down but she refuses to COME! Unless it's her idea and she's good and ready to. Good luck with his training.

Val Ewing said...

Oh my...Hunters who shoot themselves? We do hunt coyotes they are very aggressive during breeding season they like to take on little dogs like Morris.
I hope the neighbor is okay.