Monday, December 14, 2015

Record Breaking

It wasn't pretty out, but we hit 69 degrees and up to 71 nearby.
 Miss Piggy is always looking for something extra
and Gucci was telling me there must have been a 
mouse in the house.

 It was so warm I decided to mulch all the leaves that had fallen to the ground from the willow tree.  I only mowed that part of the lawn as the rest was leaf free.  Looks so much better.
 I'll bet I could pick enough rhubarb to make a pie!  And it's December 14th????

 Very strange, to see color at this time.

 I did not get to Agape until least I made it.
25 minutes on the bike and 21 minutes on the elliptical.
Skipped out last Friday.
I had to stop at Wegmans on the way home and left my purse there on the cart!  Egahhhhdddds!
Turned right around and went back.  Some nice woman picked it up and turned it in to the service desk.  Boy, was I lucky.  It was loaded with all kinds of camera, iPhone, $$$$, ID, extra batteries and cards for my camera, glasses....  Could have been a disaster!
Gary went down to work out this afternoon and came home with 4 poinsettias.
Presents for friends.

 After doing some reading and talking on the phone, I decided to make some corn chowder and by then it was after 4.

 It was delish.
Night all.
Thanks to thecrazysheeplady for sending me two of my favorite calendars.
She took all the photos and Saint Tim did the printing.  They are beautiful!
Also, I have a message for Lily and Edward:
If you come for a visit, I will take you for a ride on the blue sled.


Grey Horse Matters said...

The weather is amazing for this time of year. 60's here too but very foggy all day. Glad you got your bag back that could have been a real headache.

thecrazysheeplady said...

And thanks Gary for the painting lesson. Much better! :-D

Jo said...

Did Gucci/Miss Piggy/you find the mousse? Your corn chowder looks scrumptious. I love the calendars from "the crazy sheeplady" Off over to her blog to check it out. Have a great day. Jo

Michelle said...

Your weather looks beautiful. Some of my flowers are also showing some color. It just isn't right!

Val Ewing said...

What an incredible the corn chowder also. No flowers around here though we are diving into cold stuff tonight.