Monday, December 7, 2015


 The girls love the mud.

 Agape pooped me out.  23 minutes on the bike and I made 23 minutes on the elliptical.
That's a long time for an old lady!  Even finished my book while I was there.
 This afternoon I managed to make it to Wegmans but that was about it.
Gary spent the afternoon with Coop and I started a fire and relaxed.
 Jenny sent us pulled pork, so that's what we had for dinner...topped with coleslaw.
Once again, I think I need some sunshine to get motivated in the picture taking department.
Off duty.
Night all.


Jo said...

Well done on your exercise regime! Thank goodness we can read while we do most of these things. I love the warm scenes in your home. it's so hot here in South Africa. Have a great day. Jo

Grey Horse Matters said...

Why do horses love mud so much? Took me a good half hour to brush the mud off Blue before a ride the other day. They're all a mess.

Way to go on the exercising!

Michaele said...

Good job on the workout! I do miss the sunshine and the longer days. I like to go to bed when the sun goes down about 9:00. Not 6:00!