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Monday, April 14, 2014

Field of Dreams....

Look at who rolled into town about 9 o'clock last night.

 Stephanie had a business meeting in Atlantic City and was able to come to the farm for a few days.  Being on vacation, Ariana and Daniela were able to join her!  Yay!  It's been a long time.
 Chores as usual.  A very mild morning in the 60s.

 Around 10:30 Jenny, Coop, Finn, (friend) Ben, Steph, Ariana and Daniela all arrived at the farm to move brush over to the lane for the pick up at the end of the month.

 You can't imagine how much we moved using 4 wheelbarrows.

 Coops friend Ben was an absolute dynamo...never stopped moving.
 I asked for one hour and they outdid themselves.

 After lunch on the porch, Daniela wanted to do some grooming.  Berlin would not let them catch her.
 So Abbe got all of the attention...and she loved it.

 Next on the agenda was a little ball game.  Gary has enlarged his gardens so much there is not enough space in the yard.  So!  They hit to the field on the other side of the lane.

 Very entertaining!

 Sophie slept through the whole thing.
 The crew went down to Jenny's for showers and we met up at the Stoneyard for dinner.
Do you remember this place?  10 wings for $2.50.

 This was a meal fit for a heart attack.  I guess I can put up with it once every couple of years.

 When it comes to family portraits, we are not exactly traditional.

 As it was raining before we left, I put the horses in with their hay and water....gave them grain when we got home.
Tucked them in and that was that.
Night all.


  1. ha ha A family that plays together , stays together :))
    Fun family !

  2. Looks like everyone had a great day! It's so nice when the whole family is together.

  3. I saw these on Facebook and didn't mind a second look at all. The ball game looks like a lot of fun!


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