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Saturday, April 26, 2014

What a Dreary Day....

Dull, chilly and wet.

 Gary works part time for Sara's Garden Center... started a week ago and will continue until June or so.  Late morning he delivered us a big load of mulch.

  The art show had to be taken down, so I  met Gary at Java for lunch before going over to A Different Path Gallery.
Our friend Chet "the bread man" was there and he gave us a loaf of his raisin bread.  One of these days I will have to do a post about him.  He has baked and given away thousands of loaves over the last several years as an act of kindness.  He has a site called "Breadtime Stories" where he writes all about it.  Now, he is in demand as a motivational speaker...last week he had 5 gigs.  And let me tell you, his bread is as good as it gets....all different kinds.

 Donna joined us for lunch.  She had an African soup with peanuts in it...it was outstanding.  Gary and I had (you guessed it) Greek Paninis.

 By 12:45 the gallery was almost cleaned out.  The owner said that we should do this again, which would make us all very happy.  We loved the space and working with Kathy.

When Gary got home he started moving the mulch.  With the new stones in the driveway we don't want to have to mow in the center, so he is mulching the whole thing and will put a kitchen garden in the middle section.

 Does anyone else have horses that get as muddy as ours?

 Tucked them in at 6:30.

 Made some spags and a salad for dinner.  Our own vegetarian sauce...soooo good.

At 8:15 Gary told me to look out the window at the sky.  I was too lazy to go down the road to take pictures, but it was really beautiful.  The first sun siting of the day.

 Gucci and Seymour have been keeping me company as I have been working on this post.

Time to go out by the fire.
Night all.


  1. Those kids sure are cuties. Hey kitty, watch your back
    Lily & Edward

  2. Dreary,rainy here too.

    I should have taken pictures of the herd tonight when I brought them in. They were so muddy and dirty I couldn't believe it. The grays were the worst with Blue a close second. The only clean one was her highness Dusty. It's beneath her to get muddy I guess.

  3. Beautiful sunset, the drive with stones and garden with mulch, that will make life so much easier, and at the end of the day, 2 to keep you company, perfect. Cheers, Jean.

  4. Gucci and Seymour are so cute together! Haha the mud isn't something I could handle with horses. I would be neurotically bathing them all the time. I would guess this won't be your last load of mulch!

  5. What a nice pile of mulch. Sorry about the dreary day. Wind here. So.Much.Wind. I love the idea of Breadtime Stories.

  6. Snow here. Again.
    Dinner looks perfect!


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