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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Clara's Birthday....

The heat was still on this morning!

 We broke a record as the temp went up to 91.

 Class at10:30.  Only Tina and Shamra were there.
When Carina made the bread delivery she brought along
 Clara, who announced that today was her 4th birthday...
 and she was dressed for the occasion.
 She became very interested in Phoebe, who was sacked out on the couch,
 and spent
 at least 10 minutes talking to her.
 Phoebe  worked as a certified therapy dog in a reading program for 3 years and was loving the attention from Clara....who loves to read.
 I'm hoping that she will read to Phoebe one of these days.
 Don't you love her outfit????

 What a very sweet pair!
 When they left the Studio, she and her family were going out to the beach for a picnic lunch.
 How about this amazing drawing Shamra is working on!!!!
 I think Little Wonder missed his fan club today.
 After class I turned Tina and Shamra loose in the raspberry patch.
 They are going to taste so good on yogurt or ice cream or cereal.
 The carwash gave me a receipt yesterday that said I could go back again today...
so I did.
 We were due for a simple dinner, so I made a salad starting with Romaine.
Then I added leftover veggies and antipasto from the fundraiser and topped it with
homemade croutons and some good Italian dressing.
It hit the spot.
 The sun was setting when I drove down to the Town Board meeting tonight.
 Both ends of the day were beautiful.
Night all.

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