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Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Search For Plum Tomatoes...

It was cold enough for the furnace to go on automatically this morning.
However, the sun came out....we turned it off and the entire day was gorgeous.

 After chores, Karen picked up a load of delicious second cutting grass and unloaded it
 while I mowed three of the paddocks.
No problem with grass this year.

 At 11:30 I had an appointment with the Massage Therapist.  My last one was two weeks ago as I was hurting.  Fortunately it really helped me and today was to get a jump start to keep me that way.
Hot stones...of course.
 This afternoon I went out to our garden and picked a few cherry tomatoes,
 peppers, zucchini and a couple of green tomatoes (yum, fried green tomatoes).
While I was out there I started pulling out our tomato plants as they have been hit with a blight.
 I was really in the mood to start making sauce so we put the pups in the car and went for a ride.
We stopped at 2 Farm Markets and neither had plum/roma tomatoes.  The nights have been too cold (in the 40s) and it's going to take a little longer for them to turn red.
 When we got back to the farm I went out the Studio to finish my chair.
(Last night I did not have the energy).
I don't think I can do anything else and have given up.
 Tomorrow Gary will coat it with min wax poly.
 I had chore duty tonight.

 The girls are always happy to go in.  I open the gate and they walk to their stalls voluntarily.
 As per usual, Little Wonder ended up with shavings on his coat.

 Not in the mood to make a big dinner, so I thawed out Carina's pizza dough earlier today.
 I used whatever we had handy.
First I brushed the dough lightly with olive oil,
then I added sliced tomatoes.
 While I was in the barn, Gary sauteed an onion....
so I added that and roasted red peppers.
 Picked a few basil leaves, sprinkled on a little Romano cheese
 and finished it off with mozzarella.
 Tasted great.

Night all.


  1. Can you believe that it's Labor Day weekend - Where did the summer go? I'm hopeful we'll still have a good share of good days and more green grass to mow! :-)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Your pizza looks delightful. . . Yum.
    As always my visit was so relaxing . . .something about green fields, horses and puppy dogs. What's better than that.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  3. Lovely chair, great yummy dinner, green lawns and those veges, I am hoping we get some this coming summer. Zucchini loaf or muffins, a favourite with everyone.

  4. One of these days I'm going to try a hot stone massage. It sounds wonderful. Nice looking veggies, it's so nice to be able to go out in your own yard and pick them. I think your chair looks great and will make people smile. It looks very inviting and a happy place to sit.

  5. Awesome food! Wow! And the chair turned out incredible. You have so many talents.
    Sorry, just trying to catch up here.
    45 degrees this morning! Brr!


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