Sunday, November 18, 2012

MORE NICE WEATHER ON THE WAY....5 days in the 50s


By 11, the blankets were off Berlin and Abbe...they had already rolled.

 Bright and beautiful!

 I worked on the outdoor arena but the East end was still too wet.  Maybe tomorrow I can finish it.

 I decided to use those leeks I picked yesterday and made soup (equal portions...leeks, potatoes, chicken stock and one fat carrot).
 Ran it through the food processor and added extra sharp cheddar cheese and a little sour cream
(salt and pepper to taste).
 Took a very hot shower and relaxed until it was chore time.

 Put the blankets back on the girls and tucked them in for the night.   Tonight Berlin was more filthy than Abbe.
Soup and salad for dinner.
A nice fire.
"The Good Wife."
Night all.


Jim said...

Good evening Lori! What beautiful photos of your day. I particularly liked the ones from inside the barn and out! And of course the kitty under the dried grass!
Leek soup....thanks for the idea to add to my 'soup list' for the winter ahead. Even though we wouldn't think it was winter yet! Unbelievably great weather for this late in November. Have a great week Lori!

Terry said...

Still lovin' that header. It's glorious! And Sidney under the grass is a great shot too.
Thanks for thence comment, Lori. We are doing pretty good tonight.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

That soup sounds wonderful. And if I puree it, Brett won't know about the leeks. Heh heh heh.

Nancy J said...

In the 50's indeed, that is about our 10C,!!! Loved the video and to hear your voice, a real treat!!!Why do horses roll in the dirt? Lovely soup,the processor or whizz makes it so easy, rather then the hand turned mouli from years ago. Enjoy the days. Greetings from Jean.

Buttons Thoughts said...

LOVE that last shot. I am looking forward to the next five days too.yippee!!!! B

Michaele said...

Something about that last shot just says comfort. Great idea for the soup!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Always a good day at Skoog Farm :-).

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your barn is beautiful. Looks so cozy and inviting. Great shots of the farm and animals. I'm also loving this weather and hope it lasts a while longer.

MTWaggin said...

You have the cutest helpers and I'd kill for that indoor arena about now (winter)! The soup looks delicious!