Saturday, November 3, 2012


It's in the 30s here in Brockport....but that did not stop 32 had core rowers from getting on the Erie Canal to go from Brockport to the next town east, Spencerport.
 Gary was a volunteer for this event and I snuck down at the last minute to grab some quick shots.
 Participants and volunteers met at the Welcome Center.  (I believe the whole thing was sponsored by the fire departments from both villages).

Fortunately they were serving hot coffee, cider, donuts and bagels (which I missed out on as I did not want to share my cold).  Gucci, Phoebe and I watched from the car.

Are you kidding me?  Shorts!
 Greg (the pianist for our chorus) was one of several cyclists who followed along on the path next to the Canal.

 There was time for a warm-up...

 Then they turned around, went under the Park Ave. bridge and the first timer was waiting for them to cross the line.

What a bunch of troopers.

I left for home and Gary is still out there somewhere.  
Another even that makes Brockport such a unique community.


Nancy J said...

Great communities are made with heartfelt input from so many, and you and Gary do this and more, what a great event, and brave people to participate, their winter weather gear tells me how cold it really was.Lovely hats, big gloves, and more.Greetings from Jean

Jim said...

What an invigorating event!! Great photos and account, Lori! We expect the temps to drop here any day now.