Thursday, November 8, 2012


It must be fatigue.  This morning I did a Skywatch Friday post.  You can find it below, and if there is a beautiful sunrise tomorrow I just might post another one.  I'll be ok.....

 Gave Berlin a quick soak (no boot) before turning her out.  She is so cooperative.

 The Town brought another load of leaves for Gary to use on the gardens.  It's an outrageous pile.
Great light again.

This afternoon I went down to Brockport for some duplicate bridge.  Below is a photo of Arlene S.  who is celebrating her 93!!!!! birthday.  She drives, she cooks and bakes, she does all the scoring for bridge and must play in at least two other groups several times a month.
 Our hostess (Ann) made her a fabulous carrot cake.
 Happy Birthday Arlene!!!!
Pretty lousy cards today.
 Home at 4:30 and chores at 5:15.

 Too late to start dinner.
 Golden Eagle for dinner.
Night all.


Terry said...

Happy Birthday to Arlene! The cake looks delicious!

Karen said...

So tomorrow's Saturday. . . :)

I love the composition in the photo of Berlin soaking her foot. You have so many wonderful photos on your blog.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

I kept thinking today was Friday too.

Jo said...

It's Friday morning here in East Africa, Lori. So I love your sunrise. I love Berlin too. What a girl! Happy birthday to Arlene. Blessings and hugs, Jo

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I forgot what I was going to write I became fixated on that delicious carrot cake Ann had made. Is there any left? :) beautiful photos. B

Sharon Creech said...

Love your love for light. It's dark here in Maine by 5 pm - I mean 'wicked dahhhk' - black as black can be. That carrot cake -- mmmm - looks delish. Made choc chip oatmeal cookies yesterday w/granddaughter because the cold day called for it. xx

MTWaggin said... is finally Friday so your post wasn't that early! Love the light and how you captured it. Hope Berlin is on the mend!

Gayle said...

The Asters were a beautiful sight on my snowy day.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Arlene
Benny & Lily

thecrazysheeplady said...

I got a big ole load of year old leaves delivered yesterday :-D.