Sunday, November 11, 2012


 Could not sleep very well and got up before 6.
 The sky had a story to tell.
 Sunrise and moonshine at the same time.

Did my thing in the barn...soaked Berlin's foot while she ate her grain.  No halter again.  I did stand there so she would not tip the bucket.  When she finished eating, kept nosing me to ask if she could take her foot out.  Love this girl!

 Picked the pastures before going back to the house.
 Then, Gar and I went down to Java where we each had a bagel (for a change).  Tasted great.

 It looks so different without the farm market lining the street.
 When we got home Gary moved about 40 wheelbarrow of leaves (still covering the garlic).

 I picked up sticks that were still around the yard and checked on the ponies.
 They decided to come up to the front paddock for a visit.
Loving the temperature....

 Abbe makes a point of getting filthy every single day.  Something about white horses.
 The sun was going down when I went out to do evening chores.

 A very simple supper.
 Salad and pasta.
It would be safe to bet that I can't stay awake to watch "The Good Wife."
Night all.


Oak Creek Ranch said...

I can't believe the warm weather you had!

Jo said...

Wow, what beautiful photos of the sky in the early morning, Lori. Imagine capturing the moon and sun together. I just love your horse, Berlin who is so accommodating. She reminds me of my old ginger cat, called Ginger. I have a post on him and his son, Ambrose today. And yes, it's early morning here in Tanzania, and the weather is pure sunshine and warmth after good rains last night. Have a great day. Jo