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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Easter Bunny Was On Vacation At Skoog Farm Today

 No fancy brunches, lunches or dinners as now Gary is starting to get "the cold from hell" and I'm not over mine yet.

The entire day was grey and just above freezing.
 Karen and I did chores, then she did a lot of picking in the pastures.  We are starting to get things under control and need several dry, sunny days.

 Caught this shot of a lightning rod (on the horse barn) holding up the sun.  
That was the only siting of the day.
 See how gigunda the amaryllis plant is?
 By the afternoon it started snowing.  I plunked myself in front of the fire.

 Gary went out for awhile to peruse his gardens.  He has lots of seeds, flower bulbs and leek sets ready and waiting.  A friend with a greenhouse is starting a couple hundred onion sets for him.
 He ended up taking a very long nap this afternoon and I soloed for evening chores.  It's a good thing I'm on the upswing.
 Berlin was checking out a herd of deer in the back 40.
 Can you see them?

Got the girls tucked in and went down to Barber's to pick up some food to go.
Just not in the mood to cook.
Night all.


  1. A nice place to vacation
    Lily & Edward

  2. Snowed here for Easter too in the afternoon. Can't believe it. But at least it didn't stick around today.

    Sorry to hear you're both feeling miserable. Hope you feel better soon and the sun comes out today.

  3. So sorry to hear you've both gotten the bug, and hoping you're back to full speed very soon. Snowing again...wow. Truly has been a long and cold winter for you all on the east coast. Let's hope spring shows up for you real soon - that would make you both feel better!

  4. Glad you didn't have big plans. A good rest will go a long way. Sorry about that snow. We are in for a week of rain.

  5. Loved the video - i always love to see deer! Ugh...sorry about those colds - with the kind of weather you have lying low looks like a good idea .. beautiful photos as always.


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