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Monday, May 18, 2015

On My Trike Ride Today...

 It looked like we could have some rain, but so far it has not happened.
We had a high of 88 degrees today.
 Decided to ride my trike into Brockport this morning to meet with some friends about their assessment.  Thought I would take them some rhubarb.

 I swear, the garlic is almost 3 feet high...everything is growing and it's time to start planting the rest of our veggies.
 I started moving some house plants out to the back porch for the summer.  See that big fern?  Tina gave it to me last fall and it made it through the winter in pretty good shape.
 Got my trike from the shed on my way back to the house.

 Then I set off for Hollybrook Road.
 It was grey and getting muggy.

 If you have joined me in the past, you have seen some of this before.
 This is the road we live on.

 The house above was the home of Milo L. Starks.
 A lot of work has been done on this brick house over the years.
To me, it looks like a French Chateau.

 After going down the big hill, I looked to my right and there was Karen!  She works for a landscaping company and was mowing at a plaza.
 There was a lot more traffic today, compared to yesterday.
 After my meeting, I rode back through Sweden Village.  Jenny lives on this road.
 Ugh!  Then I got to the giant hill that I can't ride up!  No gears on my trike and it is impossible for me.  But, I have nothing to prove, so I just get off and walk.
 By now (around noon) it was in the mid 80s and very muggy.  Glad there was a little breeze.
 Needed a break when I got back to the farm, and took it easy.  Rode 9 miles today.  Not going that far tomorrow.

A picnic dinner.  Hot dogs, baked beans, mac salad and melon.
 The horses were anxious to get away from the gnats when I went out to tuck them in.
Sidney kept me company in the feed room.
 Dumped what was left in the water troughs...fresh water in the morning.

 And that's all she wrote.
Night all.


  1. A super ride, even if a bit too tough on the hill, lovely old buildings, and flowers to finish the day.

  2. Nice ride, how do you like your trike???
    I think it is nifty.

  3. Ok, gotta ask. What program are you using on your banner shots? Like 'em.


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