Friday, June 9, 2023

Yay! The AQI is at 42!

It's a good thing the nasty air is clearing out as I did not feel all that great today.

After chores I did a little weed whacking and that was bout it.

Rebel is still not back to normal, but he is getting around a little better, poor guy.

I was very happy to see a blue sky this morning....
and picked some rhubarb before going back in the house. Instead of making muffins...

I put all the batter in a lasagna dish and it turned out so well.
Of course I put in a lot of extra rhubarb and even added some strawberries from the garden,.
The recipe sure makes a very light cake/cupcake.
 I took it easy much of the afternoon, tuning in to all the chatter about DT.  Still can't believe the impact one human being has had on all of us.  The more he posts and says, the more he hangs himself.  If he does not get jail time I will be very disappointed in our justice system.  And to think that his supporters condone him absolutely amazes me.
Chores as usual.

Gary has started working on the pergola garden.  That is going to take awhile.

I made something different for dinner.  Had to use up a cauliflower and turned it into a casserole.
I'm loving our lettuce for salads.
Night all.



Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better today. If it were the 1800’s DT would be considered a snake oil salesman. No way a former president should act as reckless and selfish as we have witnessed. Maybe we’ll see you roaming Main Street tonight.

Val Ewing said...

I read somewhere that there are those folks who said there was a big conspiracy over the smoke from Canada and that it was done on purpose. Jeeze. How weird is that?
Oh. DT, I hope he end up in jail. I cannot believe he is still running for pres.

Sandra said...

I'm pleased you have breathable air again and that you got rain! At least 1/3 of this country is nuts and evil, IMO. I will be shocked if he spends time in prison. And elated.