Saturday, June 3, 2023

Women For Richards

The wind never stopped blowing today and we were barely in the 60s.

I finished chores a little early and Gary went down to Corbett Park to help put in some native plants.
Jenny picked me up at 9:30 and we drove to Rochester for a brunch/fundraiser for Allan Richards, who is running for County Legislature.  It was held at a beautiful mansion on East Avenue.

Allan works in the same office as Jenny, where she is the chief of staff for Assemblymember Harry Bronson.  I've gotten to know him over the years and really appreciate that fact that he thinks working together is the way to go if we want to serve our communities well.
Home by noon.  Scott came over to work on our lawn tractors and ended up taking the two John Deeres back to his house, where he has a lift.  It's a good thing our old one is still working.
It was so cool I decided to roast a chicken inside instead of out on the grill.
Dinner was delicious.  Look familiar?
Chores at 8.  I'm sure Buddy and Rebel enjoyed the cooler weather.  Both of them had bug bites on their chests and I had to put Swat on them for the second day in a row.  Poor guys.

I need a nap.
Night all.

The Main Street Bridge that goes over the Erie Canal is going to be closed for over a year for repairs, so the Village is trying to get creative and  I think this is such a good idea.  We will all order food from the local restaurants and take it out to the street where we can enjoy our meals with other community members.

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Sandra said...

We've been sweltering. I would love low 60s! When I see all of your activity it makes me wish I were a more outgoing person. This is why you and Gary have stayed young. I would like that dinner!