Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Alice, Buddy, Janet and the Geezers

The fires in Canada are sending so much smoke in our direction schools had to cancel any outside activities and Cooper's game at Frontier Field was postponed.  The sky is very grey and they say there are small particles in the air.
Poor Rebel was sore from his trim yesterday... sweet boy.  That has never happened before.  He had broken off a big chunk on his left front and after being trimmed, I think that caused the problem.

Little Wonder was enjoying his new haircut.

Alice arrived a little after 10 and the boys got the full treatment.....again.

We turned them back out and
 met Janet down at 58 Main for lunch.

They taught together many years ago and have not seen each other in a very long time.
Ironically, Gary and the Geezers were having lunch at the same restaurant.
It's so nice that these guys get together weekly
I managed to do a little weed whacking, but that was about it.
At 4 Little Wonder and I drove over to Heritage Bell Farm to pick up a couple loaves of Carina's spectacular Challah Bread.
Chores a little early and Rebel was still gimpy.  It did not stop him from grazing all over the place.

Jenny and Scott stopped up and I did not make dinner.  When we go out to lunch, I just don't want a big meal.

Now, it's time to take it easy.
Night all.



Val Ewing said...

The horses look great. Hope Rebel starts to feel more un-gimpy. Dry and hazy here, the weather service says we are in a higher elevation for fires! Yikes!
Not a lick of rain for nearly 3 weeks now.

Sandra said...

Now I know which peony not to send you, I have that one, too! The ponies look nice and shiny, they have the life. Today is a little cooler and less humid, but twill I get anything done? It's a toss-up. It's good for the Geezers to meet once a week.