Monday, June 5, 2023

The Farrier, The Groomer and Rhubarb

Low 70s eventually....

After chores I picked some rhubarb so I could make muffins and drop some off for my friend, Sara.

The farrier arrived at 12:30 and a few minutes earlier, Buddy's Mom dropped off some paper work from the vet (shots etc,).  She was able to stay through the appointment.

I could not be happier with Sara.  She is so good with the horses and does a great job.  Rebel and Buddy were both very cooperative.

This is Carol. I have known her for decades and never expected to have one of her horses living here.  She still owns him, but he is here to be Rebel's companion.  Now that she has no more horses at home she will be selling her farm and moving to a place that does not require so much work.
It can't be easy to be at this point in your life and not have your horses on your property.  So far, I am very lucky in that department.
Gary worked his butt off all day.  He is still getting all the crap out that has made the front of our house look awful.
By this afternoon he was putting cardboard down before topping it with mulch.

Before the farrier got here, I had started making the muffins....did not have time to finish them before going out with the horses.

I had enough batter left to fill up a small pie plate.
At 1:45 I drove Little Wonder down to the groomer for his 2pm appointment.  On the way home I delivered the rhubarb and went back to get him at 3:30.

When I got back to the farm I was finally able to put the muffins in the oven.

Chicken salad with poppy seed dressing for dinner.
Now for evening chores.  So many gnats!

The rhubarb "pie" was exceptional!
Coop and Jenny stopped up so he could interview Grampa.  An assignment for his economics class.

Night all.



Terra said...

That must be hard for your friend to give up her farm and horses, but it must be necessary. How nice she still owns her horse and he is a companion for your horse. I assume she will be able to visit even after she moves. Your muffins look delish.

Lori Skoog said...

Terra, Carol can visit Buddy anytime she wants. I think she will stay in this area.

Sandra said...

Buddy has had a soft landing. This has to ease Carol's heart. Every time Mark starts to complain about all the things he needs to do I bring up Gary!

Val Ewing said...

How nice that Carol can visit Buddy when she wishes to. That is so great for her and Buddy and of course Rebel.