Saturday, May 19, 2018


Before going out to the barn I caught some of "the wedding." 
The Brits have some amazing traditions and it could not have 
been a more beautiful day.  Of course I was blown away by the 
horses and the architecture.  So different from what happens in our country.
There is something to be said for social graces.

 Meanwhile back it the ranch, we started off with some rain and coolness.

 I waited 30 days using indoor antennas on our televisions and yesterday
made another deal with Spectrum.  The triple play was once again available to
us and we signed up for this "promotion" which is good for 12 months (then we will go back to "rabbit ears").  Telephone (land line), internet and cable tv for $108.18 including all fees, taxes and a box.  Ironically, we have friends who pay a large variety of fees for the same service.  If you don't advocate for yourself, you get taken to the cleaners.  It was probably good for us to have a break from cable tv.  We only watch about 4 out of 149 channels.  You can probably guess what they are.
Today a technician came and got everything squared away.  
As you can see, we are not into large screen tvs.  
If you are paying a lot for these services and can stand to go off cable channels for 30 days you can get this deal.  We managed very well doing that and 
it will save us a lot of money.  Inside antennas work very well.

This afternoon I was not that productive and ended up taking a nap before pm chores.

 By then, the sun was out and it was the most beautiful part of the day.

Yesterday Gary picked up another "Butterfly Wing Begonia" at Sara's
for our porch.  We had one last year and it was never without blossoms.
Even took it into the house when the temperature dropped in the fall.
 The morning chill motivated me to make a pot of sauce, so we had 
spags and a salad for dinner.
 It was time for the Preakness so we watched it.
Apparently Justify recovered from the Kentucky Derby and
I was very grateful that no horses were injured.
 The conditions were not the greatest.
I've never seen fog like this.

When it was over I headed for the barn. 
The girls are always ready to go in, even tho they have access to grass.

 At 8 I was motivated to mow the double grass paddock...

 and it was almost dark when I finished.
I do this about once a month starting in May.

It was nice to have a day with no obligations.
Night all.

PS #1
Today Kevin posted a picture of Finn that I just had to steal.
He sure has grown up!
He's had his last JV baseball game and in a couple weeks
 will be playing on a travel team.

PS #2
I just can't get this song out of my head from the concert so 
I posted it again.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Same weather here - Everything is so green an lush right now, but it would be nice to have a little sunshine, but it appears to have been at "the wedding" which is where every body seems to have been. You are right, it was quite the show. I loved it! :-)

Jo said...

Hi Lori, the Brits certainly can! And I love how grown-up Finn has become. Have a great day. Jo

Grey Horse Matters said...

Finn has really grown and is a very handsome young adult. They seem to grow so fast. Friday night I went to a play where my granddaughter (13 now) had the lead in Peter Pan. I couldn't help thinking it wasn't that long ago I watched her as a baby taking her first steps.

Watched the Preakness too, I was a little worried about the conditions and was thankful no one was hurt. Justify is an amazing horse.

Love your butterfly plant, so pretty.

Nancy J said...

A beautiful gown, the veil train amazing, and imagine if you were on one of the horses in front of the carriage? Doria a brave lady sitting by herself, I hope she will have some happy days before she returns home. She can be so proud of her daughter, as any Mum should be able to feel specially on their wedding day. The smiles said it all.Love your green paddock , and that begonia, they are so pretty.