Monday, May 7, 2018

Here and There

It was pretty chilly and grey when I went out to the barn this morning,
but we ended up with a perfectly beautiful day.

 Phoebe went in the house early....Little Wonder stuck it out with me.

 I was asked to play my djembe for a couple songs at a chorus (the one Gary and I used to be in) concert on the 18th.  I spent some time listening to the songs to figure out what to play.  I have not drummed in ages and feel very rusty.
The Christmas cactus is loaded with blossoms...

 and the second hibiscus blossom has not opened yet.

 This afternoon I dragged the front paddock so it would finish drying out
and started on the outdoor arena.  Decided to see if Gordon is ready to come
out and will have it rototilled tomorrow.

 I started pulling weeds in the garden by the indoor and have a long way to go.
 Then I took a quick shower and ran a few errands.  My first stop was at Hanny's 
 and I brought her some rhubarb...we talked for a long time.
 Next stop was Wegmans.
Gary is at a conference and I am on my own
 so I picked up some sesame chicken, rice and green beans for dinner.
Then I went through the car wash and stopped at a store to get some leggings.

When it was time to eat I added a banana.
Tonight we are going to take it easy!

Night all.

My friend, Brenda Cretney, is having a show in June.
Would love to see you there!

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Turned out to be a beautiful day here too. I’m sure you’re not as rusty as you think and your drumming will be fine.