Wednesday, May 2, 2018

85, Tied the Record for This Date!

 Two gorgeous mornings in a row.

 This morning I added a lot of water to the trough and went back in to finish
cleaning the stalls, when I heard a lot of splashing.  Didn't one of the horses manage
to move the trough over!  It was so heavy I could not move it back.
They need a swimming pool.

 The yard off the kitchen is really starting to shape up.
Gary has all kinds of tulip and lily bulbs that he plans to put here.
 This morning another hibiscus blossom appeared....

 and by this afternoon a yellow one opened up!
Non stop!

 I managed to clean up some of the dry stalks in the gardens and did a few things around the house before going to the bank and Wegmans.
It's a good thing dinner was easy.
Corn chowder
 and a salad.  So good!
 Before evening chores the girls were running around.
It was extremely windy all day long.

 Maggie must have rolled in the ditch.

 At 7 Gary and I attended a meeting in Clarkson.
It was good to spend some time with our friend Joe Morelle, 
who is running for Congress in Louise Slaughter's District.
He would be the perfect person for that position.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

It actually hit 90 here today! The herd was happy to come in and get away from the bugs and heat. Right from winter into summer with no Spring!

Dreaming said...

How interesting to see so many signs of spring and still have bare trees. I can't believe your temperatures! Wow!

Nancy J said...

we started at about 4.something Celsius, a light frost in a few patches on the lawn. Beautiful sunshine, almost too hot to sit out, in a sheltered place. Your hibiscus are amazing, those colours would be wonderful together in a quilt!!!

Val Ewing said...

We had a lot of rain and I let the equine out into the second section of woods to browse yesterday and they ran, kicked up their heels, and settled in nicely.
The trees started to bud overnight after the hard rains!