Sunday, May 27, 2018

Another Busy Day

We had a little rain last night and today was pretty hot with a side of humidity.
 The girls stayed out of the sun much of the day
 and for some reason, in the warm weather, they think the back run-in in the horse barn is their private bathroom!  I almost had a full wheel barrow after picking it tonight.
The only good news is that there was nothing in the paddock.

 After chores I started mowing and Gary joined me when he got back from Java.
 Almost every year at this time these plants start blooming like crazy.

 With the exception of the time spent for a shift at the Welcome Center,
Gary spent many hours working on several of the gardens.
 This one is full of hostas that are getting pretty big.
Those sticky weeds try to choke everything in sight.

 Phoebe and Little Wonder had some fan time today.  They really are not that excited about staying outside for long periods of time when it get hot and muggy.
 In spite of it being a holiday weekend, several of us showed up for our Sunday Jam.
Jim R. brought his granddaughter and she sang along with us for a couple of songs.
In the past she has played her violin.  What a cutie.

 We tried several new songs and need to get the lyrics so we can do a better job.

 On the way home I stopped at Tractor Supply and Country Max to pick up grain, beet pulp pellets, wormer and shavings.
 Our spinach is ready and we really need to get serious about picking it.

 This was the first tender.
 We had that and a macaroni salad for dinner.

 I had chore duty tonight.
 Gary was kind enough to take out the plexiglass windows in the stalls, so the girls are going to love having extra fresh air.
 On my kitchen table.

I'm sitting in front of a fan for the first time this spring and it feels good.
Time to get back out in the kitchen for "Mozart in the Jungle."  It is so different from any series I have watched.  If you love music, it's a nice departure.  
Lots of "F-Bombs" tho.
Night all.

This is what it looked like at 11:30 last night.


Nancy J said...

Bluebells? a delightful young lady, hope we get to hear her with the violin some-time, and more singing, so good to hear actual songs and words so clearly..

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Another full day for you! I love your jam sessions, and wish I could see one "in person" what great fun it would be to enjoy! Hope you've "enjoyed" your Monday too!