Tuesday, May 15, 2018

And The Rains Came....

 Around 5am we had thunder and heavy rain.
There was a river of water coming off the shed roof so I set up hay underneath it.
 By the time the girls finished breakfast it was just sprinkling.

 Little Wonder got soaked again.
 At 10:30 we went out to the Studio for class and I forgot to take photos.

 Next Tuesday we are going to paint bird houses that will be sold at the Library.
LuAnne brought them in and most of my students volunteered to paint one.
Gary is also going to participate.
 After class I drove down to Brockport as it was voting day for the school budget.
 The Parent/Teachers Association held a fundraiser on the campus.
Pulled Pork from 58 Main.
Gary and I had dinner for lunch.

 As you know....Phoebe and Little Wonder are very spoiled and get people food every day (about two tablespoons on their dry food).  Tonight I made them pasta with peas....enough for us too.  I threw on some tomatoes as a side.  Just enough.
 Gary worked on the gardens this afternoon.  The tulips and daffs are starting to fade.
 I got in a short nap this afternoon and barely hit my 10,000 steps.
At 9pm, 10,198.  I'll squeeze in a few more before I go to bed so I can make 4 miles.
I'm truly motivated by this Fitbit.

 I had to dig out my drum bag and little cart as I am going to practice with the 
Sweden Senior Singers tomorrow morning.  The Director wants me to play for 
two of the songs they are singing.  We shall see how that goes....since
I have not be drumming for a long time.
Night all.

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Jo said...

Hi Lori, I've just got the idea to make pasta with peas for dinner tonight. Thanks! Skabenga, my large lab will get his share too. Your spring has arrived and we're entering winter.Have a great day. Jo