Thursday, May 24, 2018

Second Box of Kleenex

In spite of my plugged up head and runny nose, it was a beautiful day.

 After chores I made myself go for a trike ride to see if the sun would help.
 I stopped at one of our neighbors on the way home.  He and his dog
Penny were out getting their mail.
 They worked on the fields next to our property all day.  I wonder what the planted.

 I did not accomplish much this afternoon, but when Gary got home from Sara's
he started working on the gardens

 Finn was here for dinner as Gary was driving him to his tutor and Jenny was
busy with a fundraiser for her boss.
Breakfast for dinner.
 When the light was at it's brightest, it was time for me to
go out and put the horses in as Karen was going out for dinner.

 It was almost 80 degrees and the pups were panting.

 I finally got smart and took a couple of decongestants ... what a difference.
Night all.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope you feel better soon. Wonder if all the dust they’re kicking up next door is affecting you?