Friday, May 25, 2018


About 86 degrees and brilliant today!

 After chores I decided to work on the front paddock and drag the outdoor arena.
We have an old Toro lawn tractor that was deader than a doornail (had not been used since last fall) and I wanted to jump start it to do the dragging.  While trying to get my new lawn tractor into the indoor I got stuck in the mud by the entrance and tried getting it out for over two hours.  Should have taken a photo of me in the mud.  My neighbor and a friend of his saved me.  They got it out in 1 minute and now I am using a trickle charger to get my old Toro going.
I took it over to the hydrant to wash it off and within a minute Angel and Maggie 
 approached me to get hosed.
 They love it.  My horses go in the other direction.

 Throughout the day my students dropped off their art work
 as I am taking it out to the gallery in Albion tomorrow 
with the help of Brenda and Tina.

 I took a break during the late afternoon and then 
dragged the outdoor arena.  It's still pretty deep...
maybe too deep.
Yesterday we decided  that we are going to put metal siding on the indoor.
Why I built it with t-111 (1992) is beyond me.  Gary won't have to work on it again and that is a very big deal. I.Can't.Wait.
No bike ride today, but as of this moment I have taken 16,439 steps.
(It's that high because of the time I spent on the lawn tractor....cheating).

 We had a decent batch of asparagus in the garden so I made a salad for dinner...
blanched asparagus, cherry tomatoes and a hard boiled egg topped 
with salt, fresh ground pepper and homemade Italian dressing.
 I thawed out some corn chowder from the freezer
and sliced up some of The Breadman's latest gift to us.
Peanut butter/honey bread.
 Good light.

Night all.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

A picture of you in the mud would have been very funny I think. I’m sure your art show will be a huge success. When I wore a fitness band riding, I wouldn’t call it cheating just getting around on four legs instead of two...same goes for the tractor! It’s not cheating if you’re working ,right?