Thursday, May 3, 2018

Time to Start Riding My Trike...

A nice easy start to the day.

 Not much sunshine and it got a little spritzy this afternoon.

 At 10 I was in the Village getting my hair cut and I brought Pat some daffodils.
 After that I ran a couple of errands and did not end up going to the Rec Center 
to work out.  That meant I had to go for a bike ride and will try again tomorrow.
 The horses were very tuned in to me when I was coming back from my ride.
 As you can see, we have some serious work to do around here.  I'm going to have the three doors on the indoor replaced with metal the same color as the roof.  The window in the front will also be replaced.  Then....we need to prime and paint the entire barn.
That ought to really get Gary ticked off!  It's a big job.
 As you can see, it was a very grey day.  However! The lawn is gorgeous.
 I'm going to have to get back in my triking groove.
We having a new sign made.  This one has had it.
 No new hibiscus blossoms in the house today, but all kinds of things
happening in the gardens.

 Dinner was an afterthought.
Zwiegle hots
 BBQd Green Beens
 and a corn salad.

 Out of gas....
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful flowers and great pictures of everything. I’d just hire someone to paint the barn, that would be easier. We hit the 90’s again today. Raining now though because I took dogs to groomers today!

Dee said...

Dear Lori, your posting are always a visual treat--and they also (I've said this before) make me salivate! You know, when I was younger--in my sixties, instead of my eighties, I did a lot, as you now do. But the truth is I think that I never did as much as your reflect in your postings. I so admire--and something envy--your energy! Peace.