Friday, May 4, 2018

Wild Winds....

 Nothing unusual about morning chores.
 We had a lot of rain last night but it was fine when I turned the horses out.

 After chores I went down to the Rec Center to do my thing.
Roger (Town Building and Grounds expert) was down there fixing a light.
 Home in time for lunch and a visit with Doug G. from our Sunday Jams.
He had just finished playing a little gig in LeRoy and dropped in on the way home.
Lots of talk about music.
When he left, the pups and I went out for a walk.

 There had been high wind warnings during the afternoon and
it really started to kick up.

 Just when I was ready to take a shower the sky grew darker, the wind was ripping through the trees, and it was pouring hard.  I grabbed my boots and umbrella and by the time I got to the door it stopped.  Did not put the girls in the barn and Karen arrived to do evening chores.
At 5:30 we met Carol and Topper out at the Farmer's Table in Hamlin.
Fish Fry night.

 We left around 7 and followed them out to their home on the lake for dessert.

 Huge white caps and spray coming from the West.

We caught up on all things family

 and had a delicious berry dessert.
 Just before sunset, the sky was gorgeous.

 I took photos part of the way home.

Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful.
Night all.

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~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Lori! I have so missed having the chance to stop by your blog and catch up on your news. It's so nice to have that chance this morning! But that wind is/was brutal, your boy looks like he could have gotten blown away! :-) Your dinner and dessert look amazing, and delicious, especially compared to what I had for dinner last night!

I do hope all is well in your corner of the world, and that you have a good weekend!