Thursday, March 7, 2013

1 Out of 3

 This morning I spread the hay out in the front paddock and let Moon walk from her stall on her own.
 The girls were relatively quiet so Lorrie and I cleaned stalls and kept an eye on them through the windows.
 So far so good.  After an hour or more we put Moon back in her run-in/pasture area and will continue with this transition stuff tomorrow.

 Today our chorus had the first of three performances we will do this week.  We were in Albion at a Senior living facility called the Villages.  (See my drum?)
You know I can't resist a tank full of fish.....

We did a decent job and the acoustics in this space were excellent.

 This little pup lived there.

 The sound is not all that great when recording with a camera, but here is a little snippet.

Back home around 3:45.  Gary had a 5pm meeting and I did not go out to do chores until 5:45.  It's so light out now.  Of course all the horses got their blankets full of mud.

 Tucked them in and made a simple dinner....breakfast.
Night all.
By the way, it is melting.


Oak Creek Ranch said...

It looks lke transitioning Moon into the herd is going well. I love breakfast for dinner. I almost made myself some French toast but settled for a bowl of cereal instead. Didn't get home from work until 7:00 and I'm beat from getting everything ready for me to be gone a week. :)

Susie of Arabia said...

I love having breakfast for dinner sometimes too. Yours looks pretty yummy. How heavy are the horse blankets? Are they washable? Loved hearing the little snippet of your performance! And - glad to hear that it's melting!!!