Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 Little by little, Moon is spending more time with Abbe and Berlin.
 This morning she was turned loose for a few minutes and wandered around the paddock.
 Talk about Moonbeans....there was a little body language but no aggression.
 My girls have not accepted her yet....but it's only been 5 days.

 She did manage to find the good hay before my ponies butted in.
 Back to her own run-in and pasture for the rest of the day.
 It won't be long.

Class today.   Connie is working on another Iris drawing.  Can you see the progress?

Sally is starting a new project...a closeup of a cat.

Tina has made a collage from many of her drawings of dogs.

 Be sure you check out the post below.  The development of her drawing of Tabby.

 Very late this afternoon, the sun finally showed up and the light in the house was great.

 This is a photograph that was manipulated by my friend, Joe Rocchio.  His daughter was a dancer and I just love what he did with it.
 Seymour the Great....


 Went to Wegmans for a few things....started on dinner and then went out to do chores.
 Once again Moon walked straight over to her stall.  Such a quick study.

 Abbe and Berlin were waiting for her.

 For dinner....the Skoog Farm garbage plate.  Nitrate free hots, baked beans and mac salad.
We should have some melting tomorrow.
Night all.


Oak Creek Ranch said...

It takes awhile for that acceptance thing to happen. Once Winston accepted Mufasa, they became best friends.

♥ Helen said...

I hope the horses will remain good friends - I guess they will.

Martine said...

It's lovely to see what your art students are doing.
Nice to see that Moon is settling in, too

Buttons Thoughts said...

Moon Abe and Berlin all together they are going to be the best of friends. I love seeing the art work of everyone.
Your art in your house is amazing. I have to hop the border someday and come for a visit. B

Michaele said...

Some fantastic art work in this post. My favorite is the one in your house. The woman in the hat.

Willow said...

Oh Lori your life is always so warm and appealing and full of genuine charm.

Stephen Andrew said...

I'm loving seeing your artwork!!! That photograph is gorgeous. What a fascinating reinterpretation of a classic. And I literally think I have an exact match to your sideboard. Great minds :)

KB said...

It even takes us humans a seemingly long time to accept change, like Moonbeams is doing. She sounds as if she's coming along really well!

I love the collage of dogs :)

Sharon Creech said...

So interesting to follow the settling in of the newcomer. . . And love that light! Could use a little extra up here. ..

Mary said...

Baked beans and franks are yummy! Are you originally a New Englander by any chance? :)

I feel a little sad for Moon that the girls haven't accepted her yet. I know it's normal behavior for animals, but it reminds me of being the new girl in school. I want them to love her and to have her fit in..