Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Saturday, March 30, 2013


It was so gorgeous today I even passed on drumming....

 The blankets were not on the girls for long this morning.  The sun was bright and there was no wind.

A good opportunity for some grooming (which we did in the paddock).

 Moon had a short workout in the indoor.  She is such a smart little cookie.

 Gary had put the pups in the back yard, where they (and Seymour) waited for me to finish up.

When I got back in the house, there was an email waiting for me from the other Lorie regarding hay.  There has been a shortage around here and it has tripled in price.  A nearby farmer had 500 bales of first cutting available at $6 per bale.  Lately it has been as high as $8...normally around $3.50. Anyone who did not buy a years worth during the summer months has lost out. 

Anyway, we decided to go see it and thought it was very nice.  Lorie called a friend to borrow a truck...
 and within a short time it was stacked up in the loft.  What a find.
 The fields and pastures are in pretty good shape, but we are supposed to get some rain tomorrow.
 That should get the grass growing.
While I was out back I picked the pasture. 
 Didn't do evening chores until 6:30.
It was 50 degrees inside the barn.  Sweet.
There must have been a lot of rolling going on this afternoon....piggies again.

 Asparagus was still on sale so I made "biggasalads" for dinner. 
 (I think Sharon Creech would say that).
Night all.

Regarding the Florida Delegation...they are livin' the life down there.

 What a change of scenery from Brockport!
Keep those pictures coming.....


Nancy J said...

Let the Delegation enjoy the southern warmth!!! Lovely photos, warmer days, great salad. We have slightest drizzle, not enough to wet through a shirt, yet. Thanks Lori, have the comments all sorted now.Cheers from Jean

Terry said...

A glorious day!
Love the header.
What a deal on the hay. We're stocked until June - hay is around $14 a bale for small bales right now.

Stephen Andrew said...

Gorgeous!! We had a very springlike day today too. Felt soo good!

Inger said...

What a lovely day. Happy Easter, Lori, to you and your family.

Stephane said...

Eastern Colorado is paying 14 to 16 a small bale right now, mostly from north of us.

The Dancing Donkey said...

Finally, some real sun.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Hoppy Easter
Benny & Lily

MTWaggin said...

Love days like that, a little bit of accomplishment and lots of fun and a steal too!

Sharon Creech said...

Love your 'bigga salad' and all else . . . xx

Sharon Creech said...

Love your 'bigga salad' and all else . . . xx