Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Monday, March 25, 2013

Wine Tasting.....

 Quiet.  Relatively mild for starters (around 30).  Grey.
 Better days are coming....can't wait.

Went to Agape from 11-12.

One of the bennies (yesterday) of working the wine competition is that you get to take home many, many bottles of the wines that were opened and tested.  This afternoon Roger came up to taste a few with Gary.
 There is no way all of this could be consumed by one family, so Gary has been very happy to share.


By the way, Gary (who is tired of painting but can't hang out at home everyday) got a part time job at Sara's Farm Market and started working there this morning.
He will be doing all kinds of things and has the opportunity to learn a lot.  They sell flowers, veggies, trees, shrubs and much more.  I'll have to do a photo shoot, as they have a venue for holding weddings, plots where people can plant gardens, ponds etc.. Right now, there is much to be done in the greenhouses.  Stay tuned.

Once again, I was not Miss Active while Gary went down to watch Finn and Coop.
Reading, the fire....yada yada.

 Evening chores at 6:30.  Didn't look all that different from this morning.


 I could watch the sun setting through the library window.
 Night all.


Buttons Thoughts said...

Night Lori another busy day:) B

Stephen Andrew said...

Where are the wine label photos? I'm always looking for new wines :)

Carol said...

Your leftovers look amazing.
Be sure to tell us your favorites among the wines. What a great benefit. I've worked wine fairs in the past and they were so much fun!

Nancy J said...

Lori, as alwyas your pics are great, I love the morning to night series, and the wine, a great idea to share.I like your new header so much, photo is superb, with them all there and a reflection, I love it so much. Greetings from Jean

Unknown said...

Good for Gary!!!

Martine said...

I love the new header pic - all three girlies chillin' together!

Terry said...

Nice perk from the wine tasting!
It's warming up here too, and the snow is melting.

Sharon Creech said...

Wanted to taste that spaghetti . . .:)) xx