Saturday, March 25, 2023

Sweet and Sour

 A crazy day...rain and very high wind gusts.

At first, the ponies wanted to be in the run-in or under the shed roof.

I had to hurry through chores so I could be at the Subaru Dealership for a car inspection by 9.
Ended up there for a couple of hours and had the best conversations with two other women who were waiting.
Just before I left the farm, the horses had ventured out for some the rain,
The flowers on our kitchen table were fading pretty fast so I created a new, smaller bouquet out of the ones that were still surviving.

Yesterday I started watching a Netflix series (The Night Agent) and today I spent the afternoon binging. Jen and Scott stopped up for a visit and wanted us to join them at Grampa Sam's for dinner, but we declined.  In a week Gary will feel more like it.  Instead, I made a stir fry.

I started it before evening chores and made a pot of rice.
The front paddock was a disaster zone...all mucked up again,.

Fortunately the temperature was pretty decent and the wind had died down.
Of course that would be the time for some sunshine.
The stir fry turned out well.  Pork, onions, celery, carrots, lot of peppers and water chestnuts.  Made up a sweet and sour sauce to finish it off.
So delicious!

All day long Little Wonder was in the wrong light when I was taking photos.  He just posed for me so I could see his face instead of shadows.
Night all.

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Sandra said...

That is one huggable boy! We have a few spots that are snow free but generally we are still under a lot of snow. I haven't watched tv in months. I let my Netflix subscription go because I didn't use it. So..I am clueless what is streaming. Stir fry is good, something else I don't make anymore.