Thursday, March 23, 2023

Good News For Gary

The ponies were still naked from yesterday and by noon they were back in the barn because it was raining so hard.

Rebel and Ronin did a little dancing before the weather changed.
By the way, it was almost 50 degrees this morning.

95% of the snow has melted, now we need some sunshine.
By 9:15 we were at the urologists and Gary had the catheter removed.  That was about a 7 minute appointment.  He had to return at 3:45, after drinking about a gallon of water.  Fortunately his body was functioning the right way and he no longer needed it.  Talk about happy!  Now he can just concentrate on his hip and physical therapy.  Yayyyyyyyy!
When it really started to rain harder, Rebel was smart and stayed under the shed roof eating hay.  These two were just standing there getting soaked.

I put them in their stalls until around 5 and gave them some turnout time before dinner.
On our way home from the 3:45 appointment we decided to stop at this little bakery over by the Brockport Airport.  I only bought some peanut butter cookies, but boy Jo Jo had quite a selection.

Sounds like she has been pretty busy!
At chore time Seamus did not think I was resetting the stalls fast enough and kept looking at me.

Eventually they were tucked in for the night.
We had a pretty weird dinner, but it tasted so good.  Scrambled eggs and avocado toast.
Night all.  I am soooo tired.


Val Ewing said...

Good news for Gary.
Phew, long day.

Sandra said...

Great news! The catheter thing gets old fast. Those bakery goods awakened my sweet tooth! I can never get enough of Seamus. I don't think dinner was at all weird.