Thursday, March 16, 2023

What is Enough?

I got up extra early to take a shower and went out to do chores before my usual time.  Janet, who is the most thoughtful and hard working person, turned the horses out and cleaned my stalls.  Gary had an appointment with a urologist at 8:45 (in Penfield) so we had to hustle.

It was a beautiful morning and we had sunshine much of the day.  Around 50 degrees with some wind.
Anyway, we got to the appointment and they removed the catheter.  We were so excited!  He drank a lot of water when we got home and once again it was all dammed up.  That meant we had to go to another location so they could put another catheter in around 4pm!  Eghads!  Such a gigantic downer, not to mention extremely uncomfortable.  He goes back in a week.  This has totally crushed all the good progress made with the hip replacement.

I contacted Janet so she would put the horses in as I had no clue as to when we would get back.  Saved our butts once again.
We got back a few minutes before she had to go to her Judo class, so I checked on the ponies.

I'm sure Little Wonder can't figure out what the heck is going on around here with all the schedule changes.

The sky was very Van Gogh tonight.

It's time for Gary to catch a break.
Night all.



Anonymous said...

Boy Gary has been through the paces with this ordeal. I feel for all of you navigating through this. Hoping tonight you get some much needed rest and better days ahead. Kathy

Val Ewing said...

Yikes. However, it is great that you have helpers to back you up in this case. Hopefully the medical folks figure out what is blocking the urethra and why.

Sandra said...

I feel bad for Gary. Poor guy. The sky looks like a Van Gogh, pretty. And Janet, yay Janet!