Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Rebel and the Dentist

Well, last night was pretty interesting.  Gary tried to sleep in bed and went too long between taking his 5am we were moving him to a comfortable recliner in the living room.  He was asleep when Little Wonder and I went out for morning chores.

Before feeding, I did my usual check of the ponies and whoa!  Rebel had a front tooth hanging down from his gum.  I touched it and it was loose, but not loose enough for me to get it out.  I immediately consulted with my friend, Andrea and sent her some photos and a video which she forwarded to our dentist (who I had already spoken to).  This poor boy was really bothered by it but ate his grain and some hay.

The ponies were turned out for their hay and after cleaning stalls I tried to figure out what would be best.

Look at where this rope halter ended up.....

Around noon a nurse and physical therapist arrived to set things up for Gary.  By then he was back on his med schedule and feeling much better.
I went out to consult with Andrea and was able to meet her new foal, Lola.

Wallace was right next to her and thought he was missing out.
Andrea is one of Little Wonder's best friends.
I always take him when going to Glen Darrach for a visit.
I had grand intentions to video Janet's lesson, but got here too late.
Jeff, our dentist, arrived around 3 and VOILA!!!!!!  Somehow Rebel had ditched his tooth.  He was examined and cleaned up.  I brought out a syringe and warm salt water so we could really clean out the area.  Even tho the tooth was already out, I was grateful that Jeff came to the farm.  There is a small part left in his gums and I will have to pay attention, hoping it will come out on it's own.
Rebel will be 26 soon and will just carry on without the tooth.  It did not stop him from eating tonight.
Evening chores.  I had fallen asleep and got out there a few minutes later than usual.
Gary's meds keep him in nap mode.

The sunshine makes the barn feel so cozy.
Meatball sandwiches and chips for dinner.
I need some rest.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

Sometimes it's a juggle to time pain meds just right.The trick is to not think because the pain isn't too bad to think you don't need the next dose!! Too late isn't going to work. Loved the photo with a blue cover, legs and bootees in the background, quite funny.

Sandra said...

Me, too on the legs in the background. I thought it was a person at first! At least it isn't one of the grinders Rebel lost.Rebel is the same age as Topper, 1997. Gary seems to be doing really well. I don't remember by father doing that well when he had hip replacement.

Val Ewing said...

Looks like Gary is doing well, kudos to him and doing PT.
Sunshine is 26 this year too! Everything looks like you are doing well with having Gary under the weather!